UKS2 - Year 5 and 6

Our topic for term 4 is ID

Please find the support documents below. Don't forget to go to the library to get some of the wonderful books recommended! 

During this half term, we’re going to find out what makes us the people we are. During the first week, we will solve a crime that happened over the holidays. We’ll consider what traits and features give us our identity. Thinking about what makes us unique, we’ll write stories in which we have a new identity. We’ll learn about branching databases and how to create a classification system. Then, we’ll gather data about physical features, make spreadsheets and look for patterns. We’ll take part in physical activities that challenge us and measure the outcomes. While comparing photographs of ourselves with those of our relatives, we’ll decide if we share any features. We’ll create adverts and write a tribute to a friend. After investigating fingerprints and genetic characteristics, we’ll create 3-D models and design clothing that reflects our personality.
At the end of the project, we’ll think about factors that infuence our personalities and bring in objects that mean a lot to us. We’ll perform shape poetry about our identities and reflect on our strengths.