Local Committee Profiles

Parent Volunteers

Jenny prowse

Jenny Prowse

Jenny is a mother of two children with very challenging special needs. 

Prior to giving up her career to become a full-time carer for my children, she worked for a mental health trust in physiotherapy for over 13yrs, specialising in dementia and falls prevention for older adults. 

Jenny has also worked with adults, adolescents and eating disorders.  She now works as a freelance personal trainer, specialising in falls prevention classes and other disciplines.


Academy Appointed Volunteers

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Kate Sutton

Committee Chair

Kate has been a member of the Queen Emma’s Local Committee for 8 years and chair for 6 years. Having been a parent volunteer as her children progressed through the school, she hase now changed to an academy appointed volunteer so as to be able to continue supporting Queen Emma’s and the MILL Academy.

Kate's experience is in education and communications with a focus on literacy. She is very proud to support the Queen Emma’s team as she believes they help every child to achieve their potential.


Staff Appointed Volunteers

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Francis Couch









Victoria Musson