Virtual Tour

VmubWelcome to Queen Emma's Primary School! Here is our short video to help you see how we do things here, and what it is like to be a pupil here. We are an outward-facing school that has welcomed hundreds of visitors over recent years to share best practice and help other schools be as successful as us. We know that if you were to walk into our school and see us in action, you'd be super impressed with the calm, kind, focused atmosphere that we have created here. We focus on the quality of education here at Queen Emma's Primary School and place the children at the centre of everything we do. We provide gold standard professional development for our staff ad ensure we enable them to improve. There is no improvement for pupils without improvement in teaching, and no improvement in teaching without the best professional development for teachers. 


We will soon be sharing with you our interactive map. This will give your further insight into why our pupils; their families and our staff love Queen Emma's Primary School. 


Please have a look at our #iloveqesbecause testimonies to see what our community say about us. 


If you have any questions, please contact the office via phone 01993 704770 or via e-mail

Queen Emma's Primary School Virtual Open Day Video