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Welcome to Year 6- Mount Fuji!

TERM 4 PROJECT - Frozen Kingdoms

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In the Frozen Kingdoms project, your child will learn about the regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. They will learn about the similarities and differences between these two regions, including the climate, landscape and natural resources. They will learn how to use grid references, lines of latitude and longitude, contour lines and symbols to identify the geographical locations of the Arctic and Antarctic, and how these, along with the tilt of the Earth, affect day length and warmth. They will investigate polar oceans to learn how they differ from other oceans on Earth and how climate change increases Earth's temperature and leads to rising sea levels. They will learn about the indigenous people of the Arctic, including how their lives have changed over time, and about the positives and negatives of tourism in Antarctica. They will also learn about classifying animals, animal adaptations and evolution, and polar exploration and discovery.

Topic focus



The Whale - Narrative, Emperor Penguins- Non-Chronological Report


Classifying living things, Classification keys, Adaptations, investigations


Arctic and Antarctic regions, Lines of latitude and longitude, Polar climates, Polar day and night, Polar oceans, Polar landscapes, Climate change, Natural resources, Indigenous people, Tourism


Polar exploration, Significant people- Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton, Significant events- Titanic 

Book Focus

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Science investigations 

Can we slow cooling down? How do animals stay warm?

Homework- Project

For our project the children should be completing one challenge from the homework learning choice board. This can either be brought into school or uploaded onto Satchel One. We will be sharing homework each Friday in class as part of our celebration assembly. We love seeing how hard you are working at home. 

Class Text- The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell

Diagnostic Questions

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