LKS2: Everest

Year 4 – Everest 

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Open wide – let’s take a look inside. We’re on a voyage of discovery to investigate the busy world inside your body. Do you have a toothy grin or a winning smile? We will be testing the effects of sugary substances on your pearly whites. Follow a tasty morsel as it makes its way through your digestive system, helped by some mouth-watering saliva. And don’t forget the importance of good hygiene at both ends. And whilst we’re talking business, could you recognise an animal just by its poo? Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Make a working model of the digestive system and use it to persuade others to eat healthily. Learn how to look after this marvellous belching, squelching, mixture making machine we call our body. 

We are starting our topic off with a Virtual Memorable Experience from a dentist, who is going to talk all about our teeth, different dental procedures and explain why it is so important to brush our teeth every day.  

We have kick-started our topic this week with a talk from super Navy Dentist, Dr Josie, for our Memorable Experience! Since we were unable to visit a dentist’s surgery, we were lucky enough to have her bring it straight to us in the classroom via video link.  

We learned all about the role of a Dentist and what their job entails. We looked at diagrams and models of teeth, and learned all about the different parts of the tooth – enamel, dentine and pulp, and roots and bones. We also learned all about different types of teeth – canines, incisors and molars, as well as their special jobs. Dr Josie taught us about the two main diseases associated with teeth, which are decay and gum disease, and how best to avoid these. 

We found out about the formation of teeth, and how important it is to maintain good oral health by thinking about our diet, and how we clean our teeth, as well as attending regular routine dentist appointments. Dr Josie showed us her giant toothbrush and taught us how to brush our teeth: at a 45 degree angle into the gum line, whilst moving the brush in a circular movement to remove plaque build-up from the collars of the teeth. She also reminded us of the importance of flossing to reach trickier parts of our teeth where our toothbrush cannot reach.  

What a super start to ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’, and we are all looking forward to showing off our pearly whites at our next dental check-up! 

We will be exploring David Walliam’s exciting text ‘Demon Dentist’ for our Demonstration Reading text, and will be looking at all the exciting language – including identifying some nonsense words! 

We will be using the Writing Rainbow to enhance our writing using Jane Considine’s ‘The Write Stuff’, and will once again be zooming in and out on a variety of exciting lenses to develop sentence skills. This will be based initially on a visual text ‘Feast’, which links well with our topic. 

To aid fluency and comprehension in reading we are continuing to use Hooked on Books, which has helped the children to really immerse themselves in the text and come up with really thoughtful and in-depth answers as to particular language choices made by the author.  

For PE this term we are doing Tennis and Yoga to make sure we are keeping fit and healthy! Our PE days will remain the same, and children will please need to come in their PE kits on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.  

Homework will be uploaded onto Satchel One every week. Remember you can bring your homework into school each Friday to show off your hard work and share your home achievements. We love seeing how hard you are working at home! 


We have had a super week exploring human and animal digestive systems, and discovering the similarities and differences between them. Did you know that food stays in the human stomach for about 4 hours before progressing to the small intestine? Did you know that snakes have acid in their stomachs which dissolves the bones of animals it swallows whole? Did you know that chickens have no teeth and therefore swallow small stones and grit that pass into the gizzard with the food they eat? Along with the muscular action of the gizzard, the stones grind down the food before it passes into the intestines. We have been on a journey of discovery and are enjoying every step of our topic! 




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