Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rockstars is on every Friday afternoon with Mr Charlton, it gives KS2 children the opportunity to access extra maths whilst still having a teacher on hand to give any support needed.

Time Tables Rockstars is a fun and interactive way of doing maths and allows children to compete in maths tornaments or simply compete against themselves to see if they can beat any of their scores. So overall, we work hard but we laugh harder. We believe that a positive buzz creates better things.

The mission for Times Tables Rockstars...

"We create fun opportunities for children to develop and recognise their lifelong maths skills." The overall vision is to boost childrens confidence in maths so they are able to say "I am good at maths"

Overall, this club will boost your skills and confidence in maths whilst being in a fun and learning enviroment.

Pupil voice

"I love how I fast I have got at my times tables, its a fun competition I have with myself"

"I like that we get certificates for our hard work"