"Your choir is your family".

This is how we start every term in choir, welcoming our new friends who we will be singing with for the next six weeks (or more if you choose to stay on!)


Choir meet every Monday after school. In choir, children will typically learn two or three new songs each half term. We are slowly but surely building up our repertoire and look forward to finding out which new song will go into our folders next.

The children have developed many skills through choir - singing in harmony, singing in the round, theatrical music and performance, singing in other languages and developing professional performance skills! 

We have had a good number of performances since choir began in 2023. The children have performed to their parents, to a bigger audience at the school carol concert, and to a public audience at Witney Community Carols at St Mary's Church in December 2023. We will be looking for further opportunities to perform later in the year - a wonderful opportunity for the children!

If you like to sing, want to learn how to sing an incredible range of songs and want to perform in front of an adoring crowd, then choir may be the perfect club to consider joining. We cannot wait to see who will join the QE choir family next!

Please bring your choir folder every Monday and ensure you are learning lyrics at home ready to rehearse in choir.


Pupil Voice:

"I love how Miss Southey always helps us through the songs, and really enjoy being able to sing in different languages".

"I love learning harmonies to suit my low voice, especially in Silver Moon."

"Since I joined choir, I have loved learning new songs and will always love my choir family."