UKS2 - Year 5 & 6


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Welcome to Year 5 and 6!

The classes are:

Mount Etna (Year 5)- Miss Carvell-Turner and Mrs Gustafson

Mount Fuji (Year 6)- Mr Armstrong

These classes will also have support from Mrs Robinson and Mrs Abberley.


Term 3 PE days 

Mount Etna

Mount Fuji

Indoor: Gymnastics (Wednesday)


Outdoor: Athletics (Thursday)

Tuesday - Tennis

Thursday - Athletics                    



Children are expected to wear their PE kit to school on their PE days.


Term 5 & 6 Project- Groundbreaking Greeks

In the Groundbreaking Greeks project, your child will learn about different periods of Greek history, exploring the earliest civilisations, the devastation of the Dark Age and the breakthroughs and developments of the Archaic and Classical periods. They will understand how the geography of Greece affected the development of city states and explore Athens, learning about the structure of the government and society. They will get to know some of the most significant Athenians and understand why Greek art, culture, architecture, philosophy, medicine and mathematics were so significant. Your child will learn about the leadership of Alexander the Great and discover how ancient Greece became part of the Roman Empire after the Hellenistic period. They will explore how the Romans respected and developed Greek ideas, making them their own and spreading them throughout the Roman Empire. To end the project, your child will decide which was the ancient Greeks' greatest idea, and explore how the legacy of ancient Greece affects their lives today.

Please see individual class pages for information about home learning and some photos.