KS1: Blencathra

Term 4 – Childhood


This term our project is Childhood. We will be learning words and phrases related to the passage of time and explore artefacts to help understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time. We will explore the six stages of life and explore timelines and family trees. Everyday life in the 1950s will be explored, including shopping, transport, family life and childhood. We will also learn about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 by studying photographs and online sources. The children will use maps to explore how places have changed over time and highlight any similarities or differences between childhood today and childhood in the 1950s.

Our companion project will be Funny Faces and Fabulous Features. This project teaches children about the concept of the portrait and how the collage technique can be used to make a portrait.


Grandad’s Island

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge


Place value within 50


Memorable Experience

Childhood past and present


Historical vocabulary; Historical artefacts; Timelines; Everyday life and childhood in the 1950s; Significant events – Queen's coronation; Enquiry


Settlements; Changes over time


Stages of life; Changes

Science Investigations

What can you remember?

Art and Design

Portraiture; Collage


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