2 1792 giQueen Emma’s has embraced the Thrive Approach, which supports the development of emotional resilience and promotes engagement in learning.

Thrive is a dynamic approach underpinned by neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to ensure the pupils’ social and emotional needs are met.

Through building positive relationships with pupils, various activities are used to support pupils with the development of a healthy stress regulation system and strengthen their emotional resilience. The programme is based around an online assessment tool, personalised action plans are created to meet the student’s individual needs.

We also run Family Thrive for Parents and Carers.

This is a six-week course to introduce you to the fundamentals of Thrive and how it works in practice

Come on this course to find out about:

  • the Thrive Approach
  • how our brains develop
  • how your right brain talks to your left brain!
  • why play and creativity are so important to you and your child
  • how to support your child at times of change and difficulty
  • everyday trigger times and how to keep calm
  • how to be a behaviour detective.

For more information please visit the Thrive website: 


"Fantastic course, highly recommend for any parents to do. I have built more skills on how to manage my children's wellbeing in different ways. Mrs Cox delivered a great interactive course I would happily do again!" 

"I have found the course very useful especially with a child with additional needs. Over the weeks we have used strategies and have found some that work. Highly recommend the course."

"A really insightful and important course. I would highly recommend this as an integral parenting tool."

"I have learnt so much from being on only two sessions."

"Fabulous, really interesting and very useful!"


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