KS1 -Year 1 & 2

Wriggle and Crawl 

Our Term 6 project, for home and school learning, will be 'Wriggle and Crawl'.

Put on your coat and wellies and let’s head outside on a minibeast hunt. This term, try head to a wetland or woodland to identify minibeasts in their natural habitat. We’ll write a guide book for other children to use on a minibeast hunt, draw sketch maps of our minibeast hunting area and create minibeast stories and poems. We’ll explore trees and bushes to see what lives there, investigate how far and how fast a snail can travel and create a minibeast habitat of our own. We’ll draw delicate sketches of minibeasts, make models from a variety of materials and observe minibeasts up close. Our ICT skills will help us create a minibeast animation and we’ll observe a beehive through live webcam footage. We’ll create a PowerPoint presentation, use scientific vocabulary to explain what we have learnt, display our artwork and perform our minibeast poems with musical accompaniment.

Topic Focus



Lists, leaflets, instructions, reviews, poetry

Science  Living things and their habitats, animals including humans, working scientifically
Art & Design 

Observational drawing, model making


Creating and debugging programs, algorithms, uses of ICT beyond school, stop-motion animation, digital presentations


Origins of food, selecting natural materials






Feeling positive




Help your child prepare for their project

Minibeasts are fascinating. Why not have a minibeast hunt around your local area? Look out for different minibeasts, take close-up photos and use an app or spotting book to identify any unknown creatures. Alternatively, visit a local museum to see if they have any insect specimens on display. Huge moths, colourful butterflies and armoured beetles are all amazing to see. You could also invent minibeasts of your own. Draw, paint or make models of new minibeasts, then give them a name and describe their special features.

PE – Ben Hope


Monday– Outdoor

Thursday – Indoor


Monday -Outdoor

Thursday  – Indoor


Between 8:15am-8:40am, key stage one staff will offer pre-teach sessions to children in Year 1 and 2. Each staff member will be focusing on a different area of the curriculum. For example; we are currently offering sessions on speed sounds, reading comprehension and fluency as well as Maths. During these sessions we will be teaching the children the concepts and skills prior to a lesson. The idea is to give the student a 'preview' of the learning that will allow them to put their knowledge to work during the lesson. Pre-teaching can provide students with more knowledge and confidence when approaching a new topic. This can help to increase engagement and reduce frustration. Your child will receive a letter if they have been invited to these sessions.

Things to do at home 

Please find below a selection of documents that you may find useful to help you resource home learning during time of self isolation and school closure.

Diagnostic questions

Please use the code below to access the diagnostic questions activities. The children need to create their own log in and then use their Maths group teacher code, which may be a different adult to their class teacher. The website link is:   https://diagnosticquestions.com/

Mrs Jones’ Maths Group


Mrs Cushing’s Maths Group


Mr Marella’s Maths Group


Mrs V’s Maths Group





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