Personal Development

As well as academic development, it is essential that children are given opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond, for personal development. We understand the crucial role we can play in helping children to prepare for their adult lives so they can go on to engage positively in society. The personal development opportunities we offer at Queen Emma's will help the children to develop their own identity and their aspirations for the future.

Mind Marvels

Empowering Children To Find Inner Calm 

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Mind Marvels are working with our Year 3 and 4 classes in supporting their mental health and wellbeing through practical tools and calming strategies to promote resilience, confidence and develop an “emotional toolbox” for life.

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Junior Citizenship

Our Year 6 children attended a Junior Citizen's workshop at Oxford Fire Station. The children experienced a range of safety scenarios where they were taught a variety of skills and suggested ways to safely deal with a situation which could arise during daily life.

Each safety scenario gave the children the opportunity of recognising and dealing with danger in a realistic way and one which they will remember, should they need to cope with a similar situation in real life.

Ella, Joella and Katy wrote up their memories of the day:

Ella - It was my favourite thing in the world apart from my dog and my birthday!

We went through different rooms with different tasks. There were phones in each room to call 999 (not a real 999 call!). The rooms felt realistic and we were in control of our actions.

The best part was the room with the fake alleyway. It felt realistic and scary. We felt like we were in a real situation and had to take control of the situation.

We learnt the most important person in these situations and that we had to take control.

We would recommend this experience to the next year 6. We found it entertaining and it helped us with future challenges that we will face as we get older.


If you are in year 5, don't continue reading! You will experience this next year!


We were set off into groups of 6and then sent off to the rooms. The first room we experienced was the alleyway. There was a man who tried to get our names and give us a strange looking parcel, then we had to make a 999 call.

The second room we experienced was a train incident with a (fake) body on the tracks. It looked like a train was coming and we had to make another 999 call.

The third room we experienced was an internet safety video. It was very interesting and had a good message, then we had to answer some questions about internet safety.

The fourth room we experienced was a realistic living room and we had to spot the hazardous items.

The fifth room we experienced was a kitchen, where the oven was smoking and the smoke alarm was set off. We had to go and pull the fire alarm, then make a 999 call.

The sixth room was a river where one person from our group had to pretend to drown and we had to rescue the drowning person, then make another 999 call.

The last room was a bike incident. We had to search the area and make the 999 call.

Forest School

Forest School takes place in our wonderful woodland environment and supports the development of relationships between our learners and the natural world. Forest School is a play based, child initiated approach to learning suitable for all ages. Learning is achieved through playing and exploring as well as teaching skills and knowledge. Forest School is delivered by the amazing Nicky who brings passion and engagement to every session.

Regular Forest School offers children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence, self-esteem and promotes positive mental well-being. Sessions are planned loosely based on the interests of the children and development needs; we support free-play opportunities and encourage natural curiosity and scaffold this learning through deeper questioning and experiences.

The Forest School approach is that of a holistic one and aims to develop the whole child. Many Forest School activities provide opportunities to problem solve and develop resilience, this approach helps children celebrate their journey rather than just the outcome. 

Some activities in Forest School have a certain element of risk, children are taught how to manage these risks, and this helps children to become confident independent learners. As Forest School continues throughout the year, children learn about the different challenges this can bring and how to overcome these barriers. 

We provide waterproof clothing and wellington boots and recommend children wear old, comfortable clothes as it can be muddy!

Celebrating the child's voice from this week's session:

'I found a big stick and I am writing my name with it.'

'I love to run and splash in the big puddle!'

'I am washing my hands in the muddy puddle. I have made the water ripple.'

'I climbed up this tree to find a bird's nest'

'This is the highest I have ever climbed in a tree.'

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Easter Experience

Our Year 5 children attended an Easter Experience Workshop at Witney Methodist Church. The Children took part in a variety of group activities. Each activity focused on one aspect of Holy Week, from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, his washing of the disciples feet, the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, his crucifixion and then Easter Day.

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Pupil Voice

“We walked to the Church and we were introduced nicely. Firstly, we were told about all the activities that would take place. Then, we were told about the five sections of Easter during Jesus’ last days on earth. During the first section, we were taught about how the Roman’s treated the Jew’s unfairly and we were told that the Jew’s had hopes and dreams for a new king. In the second section, we were told that Jesus was a servant of god to regain the people’s soul back to him, and that he washed the feet of the disciples and told them to watch over and serve the people who would be crucified. In the third session, we were taught that during the Passover, Jesus told them about his last supper and he took the bread which represented his body, and wine which represented his blood. During this session we got to try grape juice and a piece of dried bread to honour his last meal. Then, we learnt about how Jesus prayed to God before he was arrested alone. Finally, in the fifth session we were told that Jesus was betrayed by Judas and arrested. He died on the cross for our sins. After all of these we were given Easter Eggs by the kind people in the church to remember Easter.”


Ukulele Lessons