British Values

The Rule of Law

Year 1 and 2 discussed our 3 school rules and through having a school council we can share our voice. They read a book called 'All are Welcome', and discussed how we treat everyone the same and are welcome to be a part of Queen Emma's regardless of our differences. 


Law 4      


Year 3 and 4 discussed the differences between laws and rules and between punishments and consequences. The children imagined what the world would be like without laws and what the school would be like without rules. The results of those discussions were that we would live in a very dangerous place.


Pupil voice;

"I enjoyed that we learnt the difference between a punishment and a consequence and I liked that we were able to work together to discuss the questions. I would now like to know which consequences you get when you break a law." 

 "I liked that we learnt the difference between a rule and a law. I would now like to know more about the rules and laws there are in the country."

Law 2

Law 3

In Year 5 and Year 6 we explored laws and rules and what they are. First we were introduced to the words 'law' and 'rules' and asked what we thought they meant. Some of us knew what they meant, some of us didn't. In Year 5 we explored Road Safety in more detail and the different punishments you may get such as: fines, if they are really bad you could get sent to prison and parking tickets. In Year 6 we started talking about how long you might be in prison for things such as: murder, verbal assault (ie threatening someone) and burglaries. We talked about rules that we have family wise, football and any sports and other different situations. Someone explained how if they didn't do their chores they don't get their iPad which shows a real life rule for that child. We then had a chance to create our own laws, rules and then the punishment and whether that was fair or unfair. This lesson was entertaining because our teachers gave us the opportunity to explore our own imagination and what we thought about rules and laws. 

Written by Sam C and Katy W

Law 1

Pupil Voice;

'We learnt about rules and laws. I liked writing my own rule and law because it was fun.'

'It was fun because we made up our own laws and rules and we made up our own punishments. We decided if the punishment was fair or unfair. We had to explain what rules and laws are. The difference between them is a rule applies to only a group of certain people but a law applies to everyone. We shared stories about road safety and rules we have at home.'

'We learnt that there is a difference between laws and rules. We explored some unique rules such as ‘you cannot look suspicious while holding a salmon’.'