KS1: Ben Nevis

Welcome to Ben Nevis 

Term 1: Movers and Shakers

This project teaches children about historically significant people who have had a major impact on the world. They will learn to use timelines, stories and historical sources to find out about the people featured and use historical models to explore their significance.

Topic Focus



Narrative writing based on The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers, Biography writing based on Bold Women in Black History


Historical models; Exploring significance; Local historically significant person; Historical vocabulary; Chronology and timelines; Historically significant artists, activists, explorers, monarchs and scientists; Facts and opinions; Memorials; Significant people – Captain James Cook, Christopher Columbus, Claude Monet, Elizabeth Fry, Emmeline Pankhurst, Florence Nightingale, Henry VIII, Isaac Newton, Joseph Lister, Mahatma Gandhi, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr, Mary Anning, Neil Armstrong, Paul Cezanne, Queen Victoria, Roald Amundsen, Rosa Parks, Vasco da Gama, Vincent van Gogh, William Shakespeare


Historical landmarks; Significant place, Let’s explore the world


Modern day significant people


Humans, Living things and their habitats

Art and Design

Mix It and Still Life

Design Technology

Remarkable recipes

Useful websites

BBC Bitesize – Significant people

National Geographic Kids – Neil Armstrong Facts!

DKfindout! – Facts About Neil Armstrong

DKfindout! – Famous Scientists

DKfindout! – Famous Explorers

DKfindout! – Kings and Queens of England