KS1: Ben Hope

Year 2: Welcome to Ben Hope



Our project for term 4 is Childhood

This project teaches children about everyday life and families today, including comparisons with childhood in the 1950s, using artefacts and a range of different sources. Our companion project, Funny Faces and Fabulous Features, teaches children about the concept of the portrait and how the collage technique can be used to make a portrait.

Topic Focus


Memorable Experience

Childhood past and present


Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox, Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies, Stardust by Jeanne Willis & Briony May Smith, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis


Historical vocabulary; Historical artefacts; Timelines; Everyday life and childhood in the 1950s; Significant events – Queen's coronation; Enquiry


Settlements; Changes over time


Stages of life; Changes

Science Investigations

What can you remember?



Companion Project

Funny Faces and Fabulous Features

Art and Design

Memorable Experience

Exploring portraits

Art and Design

Portraiture; Collage


PE- Term 4 

Children need to wear their PE kit into school on these days. If you can put your child’s name in each item of clothing it will help minimise lost property.

What have we been up to this week? 

This week we have started our new 'Write Stuff' unit on Grandad's Island by Benji Davies. We have been exploring items that are special and important to us. We have also designed and made our own captain hat. Please have a look at our super creations.