Home School Link Worker (HSLW)

Our Home School Link Worker is Mrs Amanda Cox. 

We believe that an effective home–school partnership is essential for the successful education of children. By working together we can ensure that each child becomes happy, confident and secure and will grow up to be a valuable member of the community.

During term time, Mrs Cox will work in partnership with parents/carers, schools and other agencies to support families, aiming to reduce current issues and prevent future difficulties with the aim to ensure that all children enjoy school and are happy and secure.

Mrs Cox, is able to provide support in school to our children in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons. She will also provide support for parents, carers and families, is able to help with improving attendance and punctuality and also help with promoting positive behaviour.


Our HSLW role includes the following:

  • Offers support and encouragement to children and their families, parents and carers
  • Helps to improve communications between families, school and agencies
  • Enables children and parents to discuss concerns or worries in a safe and secure way
  • Work with individuals in a flexible way to best support children and their families
  • Helps children grow in confidence and enable them to enjoy participating in life at school and beyond.
  • Helps families and children to access services, resources, local community information and support
  • Offers individual guidance and parenting support
  • Helps children and families to improve attendance and punctuality at school
  • Listens in a non-judgemental environment and offers support and solutions
  • Helps children to get the best out of their time at Queen Emma’s Primary School
  • Helps children and their families who are experiencing changes and offers support on a wide range of issues that may impact on family life
  • Offers help with completing forms and other official paperwork including relevant referrals for children to outside services.


The aim of the HSLW is to:

  • To ensure all children enjoy school and are happy and secure.


Our HSLW can help by providing:

  • One to one support and advice
  • Therapeutic sessions with children and families
  • Young Carers group.
  • Signposting to other agencies
  • Support groups for parents/carers


Our HSLW can support:

  • Children who are withdrawn or anxious
  • Children who are Young Carers
  • Parents/carers experiencing difficulties in managing their child's behaviour
  • Parents/carers whose children are not attending school or who have been excluded
  • Parents/carers and children who are reacting to change, such as parental separation or bereavement
  • Parents/carers who may need support on a wide range of issues impacting on their family life eg illness, separation, domestic violence, bereavement


What to expect:

Before starting to work with your children, your consent must be obtained. The HSLW will offer you a confidential service regarding personal issues.  You may be offered an Early Help Assessment to help identify the strengths of your family and any areas which may benefit from support. If necessary she will seek your permission to share the information with staff at the school or with other agencies. If other agencies support your family she will attend and sometimes lead Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings to help you plan positive changes.


How to contact our HSLW:

Please contact the school office to make an appointment with Mrs Cox.