Early Years: The Mouse Club, Little Oak Pre-School

Within the Early Years department, we offer a highly engaging curriculum that is tailored to each individual child. We are fortunate enough to have an incredible learning space both inside and out, meaning our children experience a range of highly focused and exciting learning opportunities daily. Alongside this, excellent parental engagement means we are able to ensure each child achieves the best of their ability. Having exceeded well above national averages for a  over a number of years, our children achieve a dynamic and varied education that develops all areas of learning. 


The Mouse Club

In order to support the transition process for both parents and children, we have an exciting programme that is provided each year. This programme supports parents at home so that key skills are developed in preparation for their child joining school. Such skills include toileting and dressing as well as Literacy and Maths skills. Each child is also given a toy mouse during initial meetings with the Class Teacher; the mouse acts as a support for the children during those first few, key weeks in September. This has been a very successful scheme that is enjoyed by both parents and children alike!


Little Oak Pre-School

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