Early Years: Ben Nevis

Welcome to Ben Nevis


We love PE and have lots of fun developing our gross motor skills on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. We are lucky enough to have an enthusiastic and talented PE coach come into school and work with us. Fridays are a highlight of the week when we explore the outdoors in our very own forest school. Be warned it can get wet and muddy! Plenty of warm clothes and wellies is a must. The school provide an all in one water proof suit to help keep us warm, clean and dry. Ready, steady, explore!

This term our topic is called 'Do you want to be friends?'. We have listened to stories about friendship. Handa's Surprise was a favourite! We have played team games with the parachute, made a good friend's checklist and a friendship tree. The children were fabulous actresses and actors, creating freeze frames showing different friendship scenarios. We are looking forward to creating salt dough hearts to celebrate our topic and all we have learnt about being friends. A slice of friendship pie anyone?

In phonics we are busy learning our set one Read Write Inc sounds. We love to play word games with Fred the frog guessing the spoken word or the object in the bag. I'll give you a clue c-a-t.  In literacy we are learning to collect words and orally construct sentences around a story using the writing rainbow. Our current story is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. In math's we love to learn our numbers with the number blocks! How many ways can you show number five?

Most of all we show we are Ready, Respectful and Safe at school and learn together through friendship and fun. Reach for the stars!


Next Term

Our new topic when we return after half term is, ‘Will you read me a story?’

Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad? How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat? Explore these questions and more in this magical project all about fairy tales, goodies and baddies!

We will learn about:
• fairy tale characters
• goodies and baddies
• homes and castles
• magic and fantasy
• writing and telling stories

The children will discover a crime scene when they return to class! Can they be detectives and use the clues to discover what has happened?

We will be looking at instructions when we make porridge. What do we need to do first? What toppings will you choose? Can you use bossy words for example, ‘Put the milk into the pan.’

We’ll play imaginatively with a model castle and small world characters. We’ll look at different character types, and decide whether our favourite characters are ‘goodies’ or ‘baddies’! Using different materials and shapes, we’ll build castles and bridges. We’ll read lots of stories and look at the ingredients that go into a fantastic fairy tale. We’ll be brave explorers and hunt for missing items from fairy tales. Reading The Elves and the Shoemaker will encourage us to be busy elves and decorate shoes in our workshop. Contemporary versions of fairy tales will inspire us to write stories, and we’ll create story maps to retell familiar tales. Our mathematical skills will help us to count the buttons on gingerbread men, and estimate how many beans Jack has got! After reading The Enormous Turnip, we’ll plant seeds and learn how to care for them. We’ll also test the right materials to make a bed for a princess, and houses for the Three Little Pigs.

At the end of the project, we’ll look back at photographs of our amazing experiences. 

Help your child prepare for their project:

Reading fairy tales can sweep us away into a fantastical world. Why not visit your local library together to read lots of different versions? You could also watch children’s films on this theme and discuss the different types of characters. Alternatively, you could use toys to retell favourite fairy tales.