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Summer term project - beast creator

Picture1A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast! He’ll tickle your skin then go in for the sting! Arachnids, insects, molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks. Come search for these minibeasts, and let’s sort them out! How many legs? How many wings? Who does it eat and who eats it? Can you classify it? Can you draw it or make it? Build a bug hotel or a wonderful wormery – then watch them wriggle and burrow, mixing earth as they go! Discover where in the world you’ll find the deadliest beasts. Perhaps the Vespa mandarinia japonica is the one that you fear? Why not become a ‘beast creator’? Selectively breed a killer predator that saves the world from the super-strong aphid. You’ll be a hero! ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – perhaps she’ll die?’

Please find the project documents below (Page downloads). 


Things to do at home UKS2 - School Closure

Please find the Activity Timetable for UKS2 below for information on home learning activities to do during the school closure. All of the resources you will need are below (under Page Downloads).

If you need hard copies of resources or support with accessing online materials please contact the school office via telephone or email.


national academy daily lessons

Oak National Academy provides a sequenced plan of video lessons and curricular resources for you to use as you wish. 

This is an entirely free platform, it has been designed to be accessible on any device including mobile, and there are no sign-up or logins required. Whilst the platform has been created quickly, they’ve tried to make it as simple and as user friendly as possible. It will keep improving it in the coming weeks.

Supported by the Department for Education, Oak National Academy is free to use and will be open at least until schools return.

There are two ways you can use these resources:

  • Either, you can use all the lessons and resources in their entirety, following along the set plan of content available for each subject. This default structure will offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Click the Schedule button when inside the online classroom to follow along like this.
  • Alternatively, you can choose individual bits of content or lessons that work best for you. During our check-in calls we are happy to signpost you to particular lessons we think you could do, please let us know.

Maths and English Resources:

There are fanatastic resources available at this link (

The guidance needs to be used alongside the pupil packs. They also contain some embedded video links. 

There are some brilliant resources for Maths lessons in this link:


Pobble 365 has great resources for writing

Super Sentence Stackers

This link has daily lessons for all ages called 'Super Sentence Stackers':

Year 5 Maths

This link will take you to a document that covers the entire Year 5 Maths curriculum:

Writing Booklets

Writing booklets:



Year 5 will be taking part in a national writing task. Here are the links to the lessons that Mr Crouch has made to accompany the task. Year 6 could also access these lessons.

Lesson 1.mp4

Lesson 2.mp4 

Lesson 3.mp4

Lesson 4.mp4

Lesson 5.mp4

Lesson 6.mp4


Oxford Owl Spelling

We have just set up a class log in for the children to use on Oxford Owl to practise their spelling. Please click on the following link to access the website:    

Then click on 'My class login' at the top of the page and enter the class username and password. These have all been sent via parent mail. Please contact us if you have any problems logging in.


Useful Websites:

Times Table Rockstars (Daily Practise) -

Diagnostic Questions (Daily Quiz) -

Word of the Day (Daily) -


Maths Worksheets, Quizzes, Games -

Fun Educational Videos (Free Family Access) -

English Learning Ideas -


Ideas for Home Learning:

Home Learning Activities (Free) -

Free Audiobooks -

BBC Supermovers -

Movement and Mindfulness Videos -

Number Fun (Free for 30 days) -

Coding Games -


Home Learning photos

If you have done any home learning that you would like to share with your classmates please email them to the school office ( We will put them here for you to see.

20200402 10415920200402 105556

20200402 10431220200424 150918





20200424 132739

20200424 150914



20200506 102028

IMG 20200506 095001IMG 20200506 095024

20200501 142447

20200501 142444

20200518 121811

Can you work out the name of the story from the photo?



Picture family zone 5-8




Page Downloads Date  
Year 5 - English Year 5 Workbook WK1 4 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 5 - English Year 5 Workbook WK5 8 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - English Year 6 Workbook WK1 4 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - English Year 6 Workbook WK5 8 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 5 - Learner Maths Y5 W5 9 1 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 5 - Learner Maths Y5 W5 9 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 5 - Parent Maths Y5 W5 9 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 5 - Student Maths Y5 W1 4 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - Learner Maths Y6 W5 9 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - Maths Y6 W1 4 learner pack 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - Parent Maths Y6 W1 4 30th Mar 2020 Download
Year 6 - Parent Maths Y6 W5 9 30th Mar 2020 Download
Coronavirus Book 07th Apr 2020 Download