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What is an academy?


An academy is essentially an independent school which is funded by the state. It is independent of the local authority and receives its funding direct from central government.


Queen Emma's Primary School has been part of a multi-academy trust (The Mill Academy) since Thursday 1st October 2015: an academy group currently comprising The Henry Box School, Queen Emma's Primary School and Finstock Church of England Primary School.


The Mill Academy: A History...


The Henry Box School became an academy on 1st June 2012, this involved setting up a charitable company registered under company number 8060721.  This charitable company has members and directors which oversee the running of the school.


On 1st October 2015 The Henry Box School charitable company converted from a stand-alone academy trust into a multi-academy trust and as a result the charitable company changed its name to The Mill Academy but kept the same company registration number.  This change allows the company to oversee the running of more than one academy school. 


Two primary schools joined The Henry Box School in the multi-academy on 1st October 2015.  These are Queen Emma’s Primary School and Finstock Church of England Primary School.


What are the benefits of being part of a multi-academy trust?


The benefits to the students and staff of the schools in The Mill Academy are numerous but the key benefits are:

  • Improved collaboration, coordination and understanding between the schools on a range of matters from curriculum and staffing to the sourcing of services, including improved and earlier support for the transition between primary and secondary school.
  • Provide staff with wider development and training opportunities, and build upon the existing partnerships by enabling and encouraging greater mutual support and challenge between the schools; this ensures that our students receive quality teaching in our schools.
  • Facilitate greater economies of scale for common activities, helping us to manage our resources better and gain better value for money in these times of austerity.


The contact details for The Mill Academy are as follows:


The Clerk to the Directors

The Mill Academy

Church Green



OX28 4AX


Tel: 01993 703955

Website: www.millacademy.co.uk

Email: clerk@millacademy.co.uk

Mill MAT Governance Structure