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Queen Emma's Primary School

Key Stage 1 - Blencathra, Ben Hope and Scafell Pike

Welcome to our webpage!


The classes in Key Stage One are: 

  • Blencathra - Miss Riach 
  • Ben Hope - Miss Dixon
  • Scafell Pike - Mr Crouch


The learning support assistants in Key Stage One are Mr Olive, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Scott and Mrs Latimer.



Term 5: Bounce!


Can you run like a cheetah, leap like a frog or bounce like a kangaroo? This half term, we will be finding out if we can hop, skip, run, jump and bounce! We’ll have a visit from Henry Box Sports Leaders and take part in some fun activities. We’ll write about the special visit, create imaginative poetry, follow instructions, write information books and design leaflets. We’ll take part in a variety of sporting activities and see if practice makes perfect. Film clips, photographs and information books will help us to investigate how animals move, and we’ll find out how exercise can affect our bodies. Our maths skills will help us to discover how far we can throw and how quickly we can run. We’ll investigate different spheres and create a beautiful, spherical art installation. Our sporting heroes will provide us with plenty of inspiration as we work together in teams and rely on each other to score points and win games. At the end of the project, we’ll share what we have learnt with you.


Topic Focus



Recounts, information books, instructions, stories, poetry


Throwing and catching

Art & Design



Materials and mechanisms


Sporting heroes


Time, Shape


Chants and rhymes


Teamwork, health and well-being


Caring for the environment


Exercise is so much fun! Why not visit a park, playground or leisure centre and take part in a sport you are less familiar with, such as crazy golf, tennis or even trampolining? You could also watch a sporting event together, either live or on TV. Talk about the rules of the game and listen carefully to the commentary. Alternatively, practise a skill together for the duration of the project. Skip, run, jog, bounce a ball or do kick-ups every day to see if your skills improve.


Home Learning 

We hope that you will be able to hear or read to your child for at least 10 minutes a day.  Please record any comments in the Home Reading Record.  With this newsletter, you should have received a homework choice grid and bingo game, please do as many of these as you can and bring them to school to share with your class. We will be having weekly Big Write sessions in class, children we have a weekly Big Talk homework to help them prepare for their Big Write session.

Big Talk will be given to children on Thursday in order for them to talk about their Big Write the following day.

We will have weekly Maths quizzes on Diagnostic Questions (www.diagnosticquestions.com)


PE – Scafell Pike


Ben Hope


Tuesday – Outdoor

Thursday - Indoor



Wednesday – Indoor

Thursday - Outdoor


Monday – Indoor

Tuesday - Outdoor









Please make sure that your child’s PE kit is in school on these days. If you can put your child’s name in each item of clothing it will help minimise lost property.


Please keep an eye on the school newsletters, especially the ‘Dates for the Diary’ section for events this term.


If there is anything that you wish to discuss, please come and speak to your child’s teacher and then we can either discuss it immediately or arrange a mutually suitably time.


Thank you for all of your support,

The KS1 Team.

Bounce - Blencathra 16th April

Still image for this video

Bounce - Blencathra 16th April

Blencathra’s Rain Dance with homemade rain sticks!

Still image for this video

Scafell Pike become weather forecasters!

Still image for this video
We wrote weather forecasts for Wednesday 28th February. We then used a green screen and software on laptops to create a video.

World Book Day - Scafell Pike - 1st March 2018

World Book Day Blencathra 2018

World Book Day Blencathra 2018 1

Harcourt Arboretum - Year 1 - 27th February 2018

Musical rainstorm

Still image for this video
This afternoon we introduced our topic of ‘Splendid Skies’ to the children and Blencathra pretended they were in a rainstorm using some instruments.

We made our own street signs!

We made our own street signs!  1

The day Blencathra made their own towns!

Blencathra love baking!

Blencathra's local walk 11/01/18

Blencathra's cheeky elf has been very mischievous!

ICT & Beebots

Great Fire of London Houses 17.11.17

Innovate Challenge - Carnival 13.10.17

Maths - Adding 2 two-digit numbers 10.10.17

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