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Queen Emma's Primary School

Foundation Stage - Ben Nevis

Welcome to Ben Nevis

Class Teacher: Miss Warrington

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Olive

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Cushing

Term 5 topic: Why do Ladybirds have spots?

Picture 1

This term we will be exploring all about mini beasts! We will be exploring different mini beasts in our school environment and investigating different habitats.  The children will have the opportunity to hatch our very own caterpillars and observe the changes as it changes into a butterfly.


Area of Learning Topic Focus

Communication & Language

The children will have lots of opportunities to have group discussions, practising listening to other’s views and opinions. We will continue to develop our understanding of listener needs and how we speak to others. 

Physical Development

The children will continue to develop their physical skills through their play and in PE sessions. We will continue to complete the daily mile regularly as well as developing our gross motor skills in our vegetable patch and garden!


During phonics, the children will continue to develop their reading and comprehension skills as well as their written form.Children will continue to develop their literacy skills during our topic afternoons. Children will write captions and sentences independently that can be read by others. Children will explore various texts and start to produce their own descriptive and creative writing. The children will also have the opportunity to both read and write non-fiction texts all about mini beasts! 

Maths (Number/Shape, Space & Measure) The children will deepen their understanding of addition and subtraction this term, particularly focusing on using number lines to solve mathematical problems. We are also beginning to explore halving, sharing and doubling in both practical and abstract forms.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Children will develop their social skills through role-play and team games. The children will have lots of opportunities to have group discussions, practising listening to other’s views and opinions. As the school year develops, we will encourage independence and self confidence as we prepare the children for the expectations of Year One. 

Expressive Arts & Design

Children will explore their imagination through our rotating role-play area that is designed by the children. Children will have the opportunities to play with others and develop social skills through expressive arts. The children will have constant access to a creative area where they will have the opportunity to select appropriate tools for a purpose.

Understanding the World

 The children will be encouraged to talk about different cultures and how people vary from one another. We will continue to explore the world in line with our new topic. The children will have the opportunity to observe changes in both environments and animals around them.


Home Learning


Each term we will send home a "Homework Menu" consisting of a variety of activities. This is not compulsory, however these activities will greatly benefit each child and develop our topic further in the home environment. There is a range of activities that include conversation, writing and photo opportunities to be completed over the year. 


We do also stress the importance of reading at home each day; it may be a Read Write Inc. resource or a book of choice. When reading a Read Write Inc. ditty/book, we ask that your child reads it three times to gain accuracy and comprehension which should be recorded in their reading diary.  

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